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Electric Comb Iron Hair 8425

Price: 99$


HAIR STRAIGHTENING BRUSH is a New Generation straightener with 2 in 1 PTC technology. Heating Ionic Hair Straightening Brush can glamorize your hair instantly with magic silky and stlye your hair.
How it’s different:
The PTC heating technology for heat distribution plus Ionic Generator not only gives you shiny and straight hair but also provide a great hair care that keeps your hair healthy without damaging. This must-have indicates that your new day is coming!

Styling Tips:
1. First straightening the lower layers of your hair and then pass to upper layers. Take a small part of your hair and pull tight. Hold the hair straightener in one of your hands and comb your hair starting from the root. Slide the hair straightener on the part of the hair that is held without stopping.
2. If you want to keeps straight hair last longer, please use hair styling lotion and softener lotion and wash clean before hair straightening.
3. You should not clip too much hair. If you want to clip more hair, you should slow down in the process of drawing.
4. Make sure you hair gets deep into the inner area of the brush.
5. Hold certain parts of your hair with clips from the top, middle, back, front and sides in order to make hair styling easier.

Safety Warning:
1. When the PTC heater is on, the brush can get extremely hot, make sure you are keeping it away for eyes, noses, hands, neck, and facial areas.
2. It’s important to set the appropriate working temperature for your hair before using in order to prevent your hair from getting dried or damaged.

Electric Comb Iron Hair 1527

Price: 79$



Are you sick and tired of dealing with your frizzy hair every single morning?

Are you jealous of all those girls with naturally straight hair, when you have spent a fortune buying products that promise to tame your frizzy hair, and NOTHING actually worked?

No, don’t lose your hope!

Meet The Amazing 3 In 1 Hair Straightener And Problem Solved!

Yes, you heard it right. 3 functions in 1 device!

•Ceramic Iron Straighter
•Detangling Brush
•Anion Hair Massager

This combination will provide you with the silkier hair you ever had!

Electric Comb Iron Hair 4469

Price: 59$


When you’re running late for work or you’re trying to get ready for an evening on the town, there’s nothing worse than have to wait for your all your hair instruments to heat up so you can use them. It takes time you don’t have and even then you’re having to bounce between a few different beauty products just to get your hair to look the way you want it to. In other words, it’s exhausting.
That’s why we crafted the AoStyle Hair Straightener that heats your hair as you’re brushing it. It turns on and heats up almost instantly so you can brush out your tangles, unwanted curls, and morning frizz with just a few easy strokes. Designed using ceramic technology that won’t burn or damage your hair, our straightener uses scald-free heat to give you the perfect look in just minutes.

When you want straight, beautiful hair that holds volume and looks radiant, choose the one hairbrush that does it all with a simple flick of a switch. It’s so easy that no matter your hair type-frizzy, smooth, oily, curly, etc.-it will brush away the mess and leave behind straight, gorgeous hair in no time.

Features and benefits of the NeBeauty Hair Straightener:

* Changes temperatures to match your hair type

* Auto Shut-Off Protection

* Lightweight and easy to use

* Lock button to avoid misuse

* Heats up fast; use in seconds

* Won’t burn or damage your hair

* Great for both men and women